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Trigger Point Therapy Experts in South Carolina

Trigger Point Therapy Experts in South Carolina

Trigger Points are painful areas of muscle that are tender and may feel like tight bands or knots when pressed. Trigger points develop from overactive muscle areas that result from stress, over use, or poor posture. They may be improved with reduced stress, exercises, or better posture, however sometimes these treatments do not fully correct a painful trigger. Therefore, your provider may treat the problem with trigger point therapy. 

Trigger Point Therapy is the act of releasing or softening a muscle knot to reduce or eliminate the knot and associated pain. The Bloom Physical Medicine experts may achieve this through pressure therapy or trigger point injections with a saline solution to help break up muscle adhesions. The process of relaxing the trigger points is actually quite simple, although the map of muscle trigger points and referred pain is complicated.

How are Trigger Points Formed?

Damage to muscles and connective tissues can prompt trigger points in several ways, such as:

Sustained loading or carrying of items for a long period of time

Poor posture

Mental and emotional stress

Direct injury

Prolonged bed rest


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